About Us


At Zar's Health And Wellness, we are passionate about offering accessible, quality and affordable products aimed to fulfill your wellness necessities. Our products satisfy a range of needs from therapeutic health, to pain relief support, and restorative self-care. We carry a wide selection which includes Aromatherapy, Sleep Aids, Skin Care, Fitness Wearables, Hair Care, Massage Therapy and so much more. Zar's Health And Wellness is committed to helping you bridge the gap between you and your healthiest self.  



We are a family owned American dropshipping online business/store under the Shopify umbrella. It was founded in the year 2020 in Maryland after Pamella Caesar, a retired Nana and active grandkids discussed the need to be more health conscious. The Caesars’ seeks to fill a void for consumers and themselves in search of specific health, fitness, and wellness products. 



ZarsHealthandWellness.com, the exclusive fitness, health and wellness store features products that help the body and mind. We holistically contribute to men’s and women’s health from products that aid in better sleep to amazing products for teeth and brighter smiles



Zar's Health And Wellness’ goal is to buttress consumers’ needs in an affordable way. We seek to satisfy your needs by including a variety of quality products to enhance your health.


We will continuously supply high quality products to satisfy consumers’ needs and enhance your mind, body and soul.


Some of these products can be seen as you browse through our eMagazine Link below. Enjoy your visit and shopping!